Congregation Ahavas Achim Environmental Committee at the Meadows

Volunteers in Front of Meadow Message Board Before Starting Work

On a sunny Sunday morning (September 13), the Environmental Committee of Congregation Ahavas Achim (216 1st Avenue) and members of the Environmental Commission had a work session at the Meadows. We had a total of 24 volunteers including members of Boy Scouts from Troop 55 and Girls Scouts from Troop 81455. The volunteer worked on the restoration of the Meadows by removing significant amounts of  invasive Mugwort from both sides of the bicycle path and from the Meadows trail, and the removal of invasive grape vines overgrowing several trees.

Girl Scout in Gloves About to Start Work
Bicycle Path Next To Meadows
Couple Cutting Mugwort
Cutting More Mugwort
Girl Scout Carrying Away Cut Mugwort
Adult Volunteer Carrying Away Cut Mugwort
Volunteers Cutting Wild Grape Vines Over Running Tree
Mike Rosenberg, HP Environmental Commission, Cutting Mugwort
Girl Scouts Pulling Up 1st Year Mugwort on Meadows Trail

The photographs of the happy and productive volunteers were taken by Mason Resnick.

The Environmental Commission thanks the EC Committee of Congregation Ahavas Achim and the scouts for their assistance in the effort to restore the Meadows to a more native state,  for their interest in the environment, and for their public service activities.

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