Environmental Commission/Borough Wins National Recreational Trails Grant


2015 Meadows Trail Grant Map 1


The Environmental Commission/Borough has won a National Recreational Trails Grant of $6500 from NJ Department of Environmental Protection/Federal Highway Administration to maintain and improve the Meadows Trail. The above image shows a proposed new trail and a proposed new overlook. The grant will allow the new trail and overlook to be built. This is the third NRT grant that the Environmental Commission has won. The Meadow is located at S. 5th Avenue and Valentine Street.



One thought on “Environmental Commission/Borough Wins National Recreational Trails Grant

  1. Happy New Year and congratulations on the Meadows, solar, birding, and all: you’re doing wonderfully. (Yes, I peek in on the site from time to time since leaving for California, and I hope some of you remember me, as I do you.) The Meadows especially was my obsession, and I remember telling Council on my farewell appearance there that the big thing I hoped would happen after I was gone was the rezoning and trail development of the Meadows, where I’d been chopping my way around for some time. Now I see you’ve been pushing this to completion, and I feel very grateful and satisfied. P.S. While in California my retirement project has been publishing web books of my photos and poems. The latest, called “Landscapes Small and Large,” has a fair number from Highland Park (beyond the ones you already have on the web site’s “tours”). If any of you are interested, search http://www.blurb.com/bookstore for my full name “Arnold Clayton Henderson” (as the web is crawling with other Arnold Hendersons).

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