Air Monitoring Testing During Remediation at Midland Ross/American Properties Highland Park LLC Site – Part 2 – Construction

Previously, pre-construction air monitoring testing was performed at the Midland-Ross/American Properties Highland Park LLC site. We are now providing air quality monitoring data (particulates, chemical data, and phase microscopy and transmission electron microscopy for asbestos fibers). Air monitoring for particulate and chemical compounds was performed on days when concrete removal, and concrete crushing occurred . Asbestos testing occurred only on days when asbestos abatement occurred. Attached are three reports, which cover the following dates:

December 27 – 30, 2016

January 3 – 6, 2017

January 9 – 13, 2017

Air Monitoring – For air monitoring for particulates, there is a trigger level  of 80-µg/cubic meter of air and action limit of 109-µg/cubic meter of air. The trigger level causes an investigation; the action level causes all work to be stopped and an investigation.There were a total of 9 excursions above trigger level, 7 excursions above the action limit, and 1 malfunction of the air monitoring equipment. All of the excursion lasted less than 60 seconds and were cause by exhaust emission from truck or other construction equipment.

Chemical Monitoring – During each of the period, chemical monitoring for various organic chemicals were at or below the detection limit and far below levels of any health concerns.

Asbestos Fibers – When asbestos removal was occurring, air samples were taken for detection of asbestos fibers by phase microscopy and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). A few non-asbestos fibers were detected in several samples by phase microscopy. No asbestos fibers were detected by TEM.

The three reports from Amec Foster Wheeler (Honeywell’s contractor) are provided here Construction Air Monitoring Data 122716 to 123016Construction Air Monitoring Data 010317- 010617 Part 1 , Construction Air Monitoring Data 010317- 010617 Part 2 ,Construction Air Monitoring Data 010917 – 011317 part 1 ,Construction Air Monitoring Data 010917 – 011317 part 2.

Due to size restriction of this website on attachments, the second and third reports are broken into two parts.



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