Remediation Continues at Midland=Ross/American Home Properties Highland Park LLC Site

Remediation continues at 100 Cleveland Avenue (the former Midland-Ross Corporation and Illuminating Experience sites). The site is being remediated by Honeywell Corporation, which assumed responsibility when Midland-Ross was acquired many years ago. This is the final phase of the cleanup of  this industrial site, which was contaminated by past industries.  The site is concurrently being redeveloped  by American Home Properties Highland Park LLC as a residential condo community.

During the remediation, particle detectors monitor dust levels and air samples are taken to monitor for potential chemical contamination. There are 5 air-monitoring stations on the site, which is diagrammed in the attached reports.   There are trigger levels for dust levels  (8o μg/cubic meter), which will require investigation and actions levels (109 μg/cubic meter) where work is stopped.

Five reports for the following dates are provided:

Air Monitoring Report 060818

Air Monitoring Report 061518

Air Monitoring Report 062218

Air Monitoring Report 062918

Air Monitoring Report 070618

There were a few anomalies in the dust levels due to wind or activities close to air monitoring stations such as wood chipping or  unloading clean fill. On occasion, air chemical contamination was detected just above the detection levels but far below levels of  concern. These contaminates were the expected compounds from this site,

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