About HPEC – Highland Park Environmental Commission

treeThe Borough of Highland Park, New Jersey has an Environmental Commission.

The Environmental Commission may conduct research into the use of open land areas of the Borough, keep an index of all public or private open areas and may recommend to the Planning Board programs for the development and use of such lands. The commission reviews the potential effects of applications before the Planning and the Zoning Boards, provides environmental information to residents, much of it in its collection of publications at the public library. The commission consists of eight members, and meetings are generally held the first Wednesday of the month (except when in conflict with religious holidays; see link to Environmental Commission calendar) in the Eugene Young Environmental Education Center. Meetings are open to the public. There is no meeting in August.


Michael Rosenberg, Chair
Allan Williams, Vice Chair
Jonathan Abrahams
Steven Barnes
Daniel Larking
Laurel Kornfeld
Chris Satch
Karen Swaine

Council Liaison:

Phillip George

Environmental Commission 2017 Calendar EC Calendar for 2017