Remediation Continues at Midland=Ross/American Home Properties Highland Park LLC Site

Remediation continues at 100 Cleveland Avenue (the former Midland-Ross Corporation and Illuminating Experience sites). The site is being remediated by Honeywell Corporation, which assumed responsibility when Midland-Ross was acquired many years ago. This is the final phase of the cleanup of  this industrial site, which was contaminated by past industries.  The site is concurrently being redeveloped  by American Home Properties Highland Park LLC as a residential condo community.

During the remediation, particle detectors monitor dust levels and air samples are taken to monitor for potential chemical contamination. There are 5 air-monitoring stations on the site, which is diagrammed in the attached reports.   There are trigger levels for dust levels  (8o μg/cubic meter), which will require investigation and actions levels (109 μg/cubic meter) where work is stopped.

Five reports for the following dates are provided:

Air Monitoring Report 060818

Air Monitoring Report 061518

Air Monitoring Report 062218

Air Monitoring Report 062918

Air Monitoring Report 070618

There were a few anomalies in the dust levels due to wind or activities close to air monitoring stations such as wood chipping or  unloading clean fill. On occasion, air chemical contamination was detected just above the detection levels but far below levels of  concern. These contaminates were the expected compounds from this site,

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Air Monitoring Testing During Remediation at Midland Ross/American Properties Highland Park LLC Site – Part 2 – Construction

Previously, pre-construction air monitoring testing was performed at the Midland-Ross/American Properties Highland Park LLC site. We are now providing air quality monitoring data (particulates, chemical data, and phase microscopy and transmission electron microscopy for asbestos fibers). Air monitoring for particulate and chemical compounds was performed on days when concrete removal, and concrete crushing occurred . Asbestos testing occurred only on days when asbestos abatement occurred. Attached are three reports, which cover the following dates:

December 27 – 30, 2016

January 3 – 6, 2017

January 9 – 13, 2017

Air Monitoring – For air monitoring for particulates, there is a trigger level  of 80-µg/cubic meter of air and action limit of 109-µg/cubic meter of air. The trigger level causes an investigation; the action level causes all work to be stopped and an investigation.There were a total of 9 excursions above trigger level, 7 excursions above the action limit, and 1 malfunction of the air monitoring equipment. All of the excursion lasted less than 60 seconds and were cause by exhaust emission from truck or other construction equipment.

Chemical Monitoring – During each of the period, chemical monitoring for various organic chemicals were at or below the detection limit and far below levels of any health concerns.

Asbestos Fibers – When asbestos removal was occurring, air samples were taken for detection of asbestos fibers by phase microscopy and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). A few non-asbestos fibers were detected in several samples by phase microscopy. No asbestos fibers were detected by TEM.

The three reports from Amec Foster Wheeler (Honeywell’s contractor) are provided here Construction Air Monitoring Data 122716 to 123016Construction Air Monitoring Data 010317- 010617 Part 1 , Construction Air Monitoring Data 010317- 010617 Part 2 ,Construction Air Monitoring Data 010917 – 011317 part 1 ,Construction Air Monitoring Data 010917 – 011317 part 2.

Due to size restriction of this website on attachments, the second and third reports are broken into two parts.



Air Monitoring Testing During Remediation at Midland Ross/American Properties Highland Park LLC Site


As many residents are aware, American Properties Highland Park has been approved to build 110 townhouses at 233 Cleveland Avenue. This site was the location of industries (including Midland Ross and Illuminating Experience) going back to the early 1900’s. The site has been previously contaminated. Honeywell has the responsibility for remediating the site, has been actively remediating it, and has begun the final phase of the remediation.

There is a large cement foundation still on the site (see Baseline Perimeter Air Monitoring- Part 1, Page 3) . There are joints between slabs of concrete, which contain asbestos in the joints. The sections of concrete with asbestos will be cut out and removed from the site and disposed of at an approved site. The rest of concrete will be broken up, and stock piled for later use in grading the site. Underneath one section of the concrete foundation, there is a contaminated area, which will be remediated by Honeywell prior to construction of the townhouses.

Testing for Dust and Contaminates

 To assure the public health, Honeywell has positioned five (5) air monitoring stations on the site such that whatever the wind direction, the monitors will detect any excess level of dust. Honeywell has performed baseline testing for dust levels, asbestos, and a number of potential chemical contaminates on 5 days in November and December 2016. Future test results, when remediation is occurring, will be compared against this baseline data.

For dust levels, there is a trigger level of 80-µg/cubic meter of air, which will trigger an investigation of the cause; at a level of 109-µg/cubic meter of air (the action limit), work will be stopped, and an investigation will occur. Typically, the corrective action is to wet the work area down with water.

Air samples are evaluated for asbestos fibers by phase microscopy and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) using EPA approved procedures at licensed analytical laboratories.

Air samples were also evaluated for metals and a variety of organic chemicals.


Dust Levels – The levels of dust samples (n=25) were all well below the trigger level (80 µg/cubic meter of air) except one (Air Monitoring Station 5, 11/21/16) which exceeded the action level. It was determined that the dust level excursion was due to a vehicle’s exhaust near the Air Monitoring Station. Results dropped well below the trigger level when the vehicle was moved.

Asbestos – No asbestos was detected in 25 samples.

Chemical Contaminates – No contaminates exceeding NJDEP requirements were detected. For contaminates without NJDEP requirements, several were detected at just above or at the detection level of the analytical methods, which are far below levels of public health concern.

The complete testing report provided by the Honeywell’s contractor “Amec Wheeler Foster” is provided. Due to size restriction of this website on attachments, it is in three parts.Baseline Perimeter Air Monitoring Report-Part 1 ,Baseline Perimeter Air Monitoring Report-Part 2 , Baseline Perimeter Air Monitoring Report-Part 3 .

Next Steps

Future  data summaries and test results will be posted on this website as the remediation of the American Property Highland Park LLC site proceeds.





Environmental Commission/Borough Wins National Recreational Trails Grant


2015 Meadows Trail Grant Map 1


The Environmental Commission/Borough has won a National Recreational Trails Grant of $6500 from NJ Department of Environmental Protection/Federal Highway Administration to maintain and improve the Meadows Trail. The above image shows a proposed new trail and a proposed new overlook. The grant will allow the new trail and overlook to be built. This is the third NRT grant that the Environmental Commission has won. The Meadow is located at S. 5th Avenue and Valentine Street.



The Intelligence of Nature Garbage Collection Team – Turkey Vultures


Recently when driving down Madison Avenue, I saw a Turkey Vulture in middle of street eating a dead possum. It kept having to move because of passing. Thirty minutes later, I drove back Madison Avenue and found that the Turkey Vulture had dragged the carcass of the possum out of the road onto the grass of someone’s front yard.

Two week later on River Road by East Jerey Olde Towne Village, there was a carcass of a dead raccoon with 3 Turkey Vultures eating it. These Turkey Vultures also seemed annoyed by cars going by. Fifteen minutes later, I went by again. The Turkey Vultures had dragged the raccoon body out of the road onto the grass adjacent to the road. Although only two examples of this behavior, it seems to be a general strategy,


Warning – Deer Management – Rutgers Ecological Preserve

Between December 22, 2014 and January 18, 2015 Bow Hunters will be managing the deer population in the Rutgers Ecological Preserve. Birder and Hikers should stay on the trails and be cautious. Areas of the preserve where the deer management is occurring are depicted in the map below.

It also should b be noted that there is deer management with Bow Hunters occurring in Zone 3, which is located in Edison between Cedar Lane and the railroad tracks (see map below), from December 22, 2014 to February 21, 2015.

Image of Sign Courtesy of Bernie Sloan
Image of Sign Courtesy of Bernie Sloan

Hunting Area

Additional information can  be found at the link

Significant Trees Along the Meadows Trail

MeadowsTrees,jpgAs many of you know, the Upper Meadows was the Borough’s landfill unitl 1972; the Lower Meadows was a construction dump for concrete and asphalt through the 1970’s. Despite these  man made insults to the environment and the resent series of northeasters and hurricanes, a remarkable urban forest has grown and matured in the Meadows.

One of the Meadows volunteers, Craige Ambroch, an amateur dendrologist,  has performed a survey of the significant trees along the Meadows Trail. He has found that there are 33 significant tree species in the Meadows. The survey report can be found at the following link Trees_of_the_Highland_Park_Meadows_Trail

For those of you unfamiliar with the 17 acre Meadows, it is located at the intersection of S. Fifth Avenue, Valentine Street, and the Southside Bicycle Path.


Remediation of Midland Ross Properties by Honeywell International

A presentation was given at the September 2, 2014 Highland Park Borough Council meeting on the remediation of the contaminated Midland-Ross properties – the Waldron property, which is the future site of Pulte’s “The Crossing at Highland Park”, and the Illuminating Experience property, which will probably be developed as a residential area. Honeywell International is responsible for the remediation of the properties.

The summary document is provided here. Summary_Report_Midland-Ross_propertiess.