Path to Donaldson Park, May 2004

North End path to Donaldson Park
Honey locust petals Blueberry, viburnum, spicebush Drain-and-pipe
Footprints at Stream Blueberry tag

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The path to Donaldson Park from the Southside Bikeway at Fifth and Valentine is the first completed portion of the overall greenway/environmental education centers plan for sites all around the river edge of Highland Park. It was financed through a federal Recreational Trails Grant (administered by the state). Our DPW constructed the rolled stone-grit universal access path as part of the borough match for the grant.

Along the stream, plantings of native spicebush, blackhaw viburnum, and highbush blueberry make a flowery transition into the naturally occurring streamside trees, shrubs, and vines. On the other, DPW, side, plantings of red maple, sweetspire (Itea), and cedar screen the DPW fence and parking area. As they mature and fill out, the path will become essentially a woodland lane between walls of native greenery and blooms. The path is also a self-guiding nature trail. Metal name tags identify species, and somewhat larger educational signs are being added.

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