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Create a Website

Build a brand new website - learn the wonders of WordPress. Drupal 8 for those with a larger budget. Fees by the hour for large projects; set amounts for smaller projects. Get online and get results. Websites for small businesses or for academics - make your website work for you.

Get Help with Your Site

Change one page or add a blog. Get trained in WordPress or Drupal. An older site can be converted to WordPress, making it much easier for you to do updates. Need Drupal content types, paragraphs, new views? Leora has expertise in Drupal 7 and 8.

Training Services

Learn WordPress or Drupal 8 - ask any specific questions. Training can be done in person (in New Jersey) or over the phone or online with Google Chat. Learn blog details with someone who has many years of blogging experience.

Image Creation

  • Photos or Illustrations
  • Slideshows or Sliders
  • Blog Post Illustrations

Management Services

  • Backup Scheduling
  • Plugin Upgrades
  • Content Editing

Navigation and Dropdown Menus

  • Add a Dropdown menu
  • Add a Footer
  • Add a Sidebar

Contact Forms and Other Forms

  • Why use a form?
  • Why not post email?
  • Need dropdown selections or radio buttons?
  • You need help with form set up?

Blog and Social Media Training

Are you asking: How do I get people to read my blog? Should I be using social media? What is social media? What is a tag? What is SEO? How do I write a blog post? Edit the blog post?

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Need a website built? Need training? Web management? Want to have a discussion?

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